Password sentence guidelines

Users are responsible for remembering their password sentences(passwords) and for protecting them against disclosure to unauthorized persons.

Your new password sentence must meet the following requirements:

Do not use the same password sentence for other systems!

Dictonary and cyclic tests are run against passwords sentences.

Q: How do I create a proper password sentence?

Do NOT use any of the following in a password sentence:

Characteristics of a Good Password sentence:

Use acronyms that are unique to you -- example:
the Little Cow jumped over 7 moons in the year 1985 - thLiCojuov7moInthYe1985

(Please do *not* use "thLiCojuov7moInthYe1985" or password sentence above - create your own!)

Be careful with special characters. They are keyboard dependent and some characters may have special meaning in some systems.

Mobile App Authentication

We strongly recommend you to install an OTP app to your smartphone or tablet. With the OTP app you can reset your password sentence in case you forgot it. Install the OTP app at You'll need your current password sentence to install it.

More information about OTP: